Enjoy Complete
Creative Freedom

Unleash your creativity with the most powerful site builder in the industry. Create original desktop and mobile designs without writing a single line of code.  For the technically oriented, easily insert custom HTML snippets anywhere you like.

Capture Attention with Versatile
Image Galleries

Deliver your clients' marketing messages with captivating image galleries. Spice them up with animated captions and
elegant image transitions. Choose between six gallery types, four different navigation styles, and ten special caption
transitions to deliver an unique eye-catching presentation that makes the site stand out.

 Present Your Data
Using Powerful Table Management Tools

Organize information lists with the versatile Table Editor. Use automatic Zebra striping to make mundane tables more attractive. Embed images in the table background or cells to create the desired ambiance or emphasis. Easily align tables, merge and split cells to create the exact look you need.

  Control Access to
Valuable Content

Restrict visitor access to paid or private content. Create customized online registration forms to enroll users. Allow users to update their member profiles to keep the databases up-to-date and accurate. Support multiple user access levels for different content areas.

Display Fresh Content
to Keep the Audience

Easily announce upcoming events and broadcast news headlines on the website. Display syndicated contents from popular blogs or online magazines.

Cater to Mobile Users

Create mobile-friendly sites for viewing on smaller screens and touchscreen devices. Make microscopic fonts and endless scrolling a thing of the past. Automatically direct visitors to pages designed specifically for their device. Deliver a consistent look-and-feel across multiple device types.

Increase Conversion with Personalized Content

Increase visitor engagement and lower bounce rate by delivering more relevant content. Higher visitor content relevancy translates directly to better conversion rate.  With Hawaii Website Builder you can automatically send search engine visitors to specific landing pages based on their search keyword. Deliver targeted content to all visitors coming from a specific site. Show localized content based on the visitor's country of origin. Handle repeat visitors with a different flow to optimize conversion.


Register Visitors or Collect Feedback

Create on-line forms to register new users and collect user feedback. Increase data quality with sophisticated in-form validation. Submit completed forms to a database or to email addresses. Automatically send confirmation email to visitor upon successful submission. Capture visitor metadata such as referral site, user location and more.



Convert with Engaging Call-to-Action Buttons

Turn your visitors into customers with the Call-to-Action button. Create good looking buttons with images and text without Adobe® Photoshop®software.  Add attention-grabbing effects such as mouse-over transitions and time-based highlight animations. Insert captions, sub-captions and icons to achieve optimal impact.


Harness the Power of
Gift Giving

Add pre-paid gift certificates to a merchant's product lineup and increase revenue. Studies have shown that consumers spend more when buying with a gift certificate. Generate branded gift certificates that can be emailed or printed out. Supports in-store or online purchase. Issue certificates by dollar amount or for specific services.



Growing Revenue

Boost revenue by tapping into the power of social sharing. Offer Groupon-type of deep discounted deals to stimulate group buying. Define quantity-triggered  deals to accelerate social sharing. Run time-limited and quantity limited deals to generate purchase urgency and increase impulse buys.

  Manage and Book Online Appointments

Allow customers to directly book appointments  online and decrease operational cost. Schedule by specific staff or by first available resource. Define available time slots, block off staff vacation days. Define minimum lead time for new appointments or for cancellations. Supports email and SMS confirmation.



Sell Directly on the Website

Add e-commerce capability to any page. Insert "Buy Now" buttons to collect credit card payments via Paypal or Google Checkout. Build small online shops for your clients without the complexity of the typical shopping cart software.

  Use Product Test Drives to Shorten Sales Cycle

Offer one-click anonymous system Test Drive to would-be customers. Demonstrate the simplicity and power of the product by letting them experience the editing interface of the site builder  first-hand without filling any forms or login. Impress them with a good-looking demo site and allow them to visualize what is possible with the system.